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Therapeutic Massage ... Therapy with Dr. Lani Charlton

What my clients have to say ...

I first met Lani through a chiropractor I was seeing after a serious motorcycle wreck I was involved in. For over two years Lani has provided me with great therapeutic treatments for my extensive soft tissue and musculature damage... with exceptional results. I owe most of my mobility and pain management to Lani's 20 plus years of expertise and caring. I can't begin to thank Lani enough for all her help. If you need a caring, knowledgeable massage therapist you won't find one better than Lani Charlton at TLC Massage.   ...Tom Frost

I recently received two treatments from Lani Charlton. I call them treatments because Lani is a true pragmatic problem solver. She found out what was ailing me, by asking questions and testing me by having me do a few easy physical tasks. I found the treatments both soothing and healing. I regained considerable flexiblity in my right shoulder and was given some temporary relief to an area of my leg that has been aggravating me while running. Now, understanding why the pain is there, I will need some further treatments before I can expect a complete recovery. I look forward to the continued care of a true professional.  ... Nick Kantar

Twenty years of a nursing career had taken its toll on my back and neck. I had been treated for a number of years by a chiropractor. I finally gave up the chiropractor and instead have been receiving therapy from Lani. I now feel better than I ever did prior to having Lani as my sole form of therapy. Besides making me feel better, she has great stories to tell!  ... Karen Rogers

A massage by Lani at TLC is an experience - a happening - a revelation. She has a great sense of humor and relaxes you completely. She knows her craft and with regular treatments she'll keep you feeling in top shape. She'll never rub you the wrong way.  ... Jack Villasenor

Since our auto accident four years ago, we have regularly been treated by Lani. We have to warn people though- Lani is so terrific that her treatments become addictive! She has become a necessity, not a luxury.  ...Teri and Matt Monterosso

After 20 years as a client, I can say without a doubt that Lani is the best Therapeutic Massage Therapist in El Dorado County. Without her expertise I would be unable to continue working.  ... Judy E., Placerville

My physician recommended deep tissue massage therapy to help lessen the effects of Fibromyalgia and Arthritis pain and stiffness. Lani's expertise in this area allowed me to benefit greatly, and reduce the medications I was taking.  ... Rebecca E., Placerville

I have been receiving therapeutic massage treatments from Lani Charlton of TLC Massage for several years. I drive many miles in my business, have a bad back from a motorcycle injury and do a lot of crawling, bending, and lifting, which creates many stiff, sore muscles. Lani is very knowledgeable about anatomy and musculature, is highly trained, and has very high professional standards. She is continually taking classes to become certified in new techniques and is superb at finding the trouble spots and alleviating them. When she is finished, I have more flexibility and feel completely relaxed. Thanks to Lani and TLC Massage, I am able to continue working at the level which is required by my business. I highly recommend Lani Charlton of TLC Massage.  ... Darryl Clark


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